Engineering & Design

Unable to locate what you need?  Thanks to Standard Miether’s comprehensive product line, we can work with you to evaluate your application, design a bearing housing and/or accessory product that will work for you.

Engineered designs vary according to operating conditions, mounting requirements and lubrication preferences. Standard Miether has the in-house engineering expertise and custom machining capabilities to modify existing products or engineer new designs for maximum performance…now and in the future.

Contact our Engineering Experts today to discuss your needs!

Standard Miether’s extensive engineering and design experience is an invaluable resource in resolving application challenges that restrict productivity.

Our Services include:

  • Modifying standard housing designs to meet specific application needs.
  • CAD and 3D modeling.
  • Custom-designed bearing housings, adapter assemblies, accessories, and seal configurations.
  • Pattern and tooling design and manufacturing.
  • Specialty coatings for protection against extreme environments.

We use the latest technology to perform stress tests and other analyses on bearing housing and accessory designs. Contact us today for help with a modification or brand new design.

Engineer Working On Mechanical Design On Computer